TrianglesThe Premise

Jesus left His church with a mission: “Go and make my disciples of all peoples” (Matthew 28:19). In His abounding mercy, Jesus wants to offer every individual the opportunity to become a true disciple.

As we’ve seen elsewhere, the fastest way to evangelize and make disciples is through church planting, and the fastest way of church planting is through church planting movements.
Building blocks
While we won’t tell you how to do it, some of our questions might help you see how not to do it or how to do it better!

TrianglesThe Purpose of This Site

This site does not exist to tell you what your church should look like or how to plant it.

Our only goals here are to (1) motivate and encourage anyone interested in starting new, vibrant churches for God’s glory and (2) help church planters reflect upon their hopes, methods, and strategies so that they can avoid some common pitfalls and be more fruitful for the Kingdom.

While we won’t tell you how to plant a church, some of our questions and reflections might help you see how not to do it or how to do it better!


While God has chosen to work at times through and at times despite denominations, mission agencies, and the like, Questions For Church Planters is not affiliated with any such organization. We are merely a loose coalition of people with a heart for church planting in Europe. Some of us are European, some of us are serving (or have served) as foreign missionaries in Europe, and all of us are passionate about the Lord and His work through local congregations.

TrianglesIndividuals Behind the Scenes

Though we are not desirous of getting “credit” for this simple site, we recognize that some readers will feel more comfortable if they know who is behind the scenes. Here is a list of some of our primary contributors and advisors:

  • Michael Carlson – Missionary for 15+ years in Italy and the Czech Republic. Webmaster, principal writer, and all-around “person to blame” for anything you don’t like about the site. Please write him with any comments, questions, or contributions!
  • Don and Bea Crane – Missionaries for 40+ years in Portugal, France, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.
  • Luciano Leoni – Italian lay-person who planted a church when convicted of the need. He’s since quit his job to work full-time as a church planter, pastor, and leader.
  • Others who wish to remain anonymous