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Have you already asked the primary question?
Have you already asked the primary question?

In addition to the primary question about our role in Europe, we who are missionaries might also need to ask ourselves some of the following questions…

TrianglesWho will be my cultural advisors?

It is natural that you will have some affinity toward other foreign missionaries (and their opinions are important), but you will find it of great strategic importance to develop friendships with European brothers and sisters who live and breathe the cultures of Europe.

We need to ask them not just the meaning of this or that word or where to get groceries at a good price, but how people view God and religious groups, how large of a group is too large for personal sharing, how small of a group seems discouraging for big gatherings, etc. Many breakthroughs in church planting and church planting movements come when a foreign questioner, like you, helps European nationals understand their own culture better through sincere questions. We can’t skip this step!

TrianglesWhat church planting models are producing fruit?

What's bearing fruit?

What church planting models are producing fruit for the Kingdom?

Are there some churches out there that have planted daughter churches that have in turn planted daughter churches? That’s the start of a movement! What are they doing that might relate to your situation? Here, too, you won’t want to limit yourself to missionary church plants. However, bear in mind that your role might be different than a European planter/pastor’s role. Every model will need to be tweaked to suit your situation and how God has wired you!

TrianglesTo be continued…

Do you have your own story to tell? Are there questions you think foreign missionaries might want to ask as they serve in Europe? Let us know by dropping us an email.


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