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Global Church Planting

Tools of the Trade

What self-respecting builder would show up at the work site without his or her “Tools of the Trade”? While many tools of the church planter are spiritual (e.g., prayer!), what follows are some resources that we’ve found helpful to have in our church planting tool belts. (Please note that we are keeping this list short and simple, and focused on the broad target of church planting and church planting movements. If you need suggestions for specific topics such as how to lead a discovery Bible study, how to disciple, etc., please write to us.)

TrianglesRecommended Books

  • Global Church Planting: Biblical Principles and Best Practices for Multiplication
    by Craig Ott and Gene Wilson
    The authors have much experience in the European context and offer many examples from Europe.
  • Churches with Roots: Planting Churches in Post-Christian Europe
    by Johan Lukasse
    A practical book written by a European church planter and trainer.

TrianglesRecommended Downloads

The Omega Course

Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries and the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting combined their resources to write The Omega Course. It is designed to offer practical advice on how to plant churches in Europe. The Omega Course has been translated into 30+ languages. Please find non-English versions at (The following downloads are housed on the Alliance website and used with permission.)

TrianglesRecommended Training Method

Think Tanks
Not a lecture but a Think Tank!

We’ve talked much in this website about the importance of asking questions and the impact asking questions has had on our church planting endeavors. Well, why not give it a try in a more organized way? We strongly urge church planters to get together with a small group (about 4 to 12 church planters from at least 3 different church plants) to discuss some of our questions and your own questions. This can be done in two ways:

  • Self-Organized Church Planting Brainstorming Sessions.
    Gathering for just one time, monthly, quarterly, or whenever suits your group to support one another in prayer, to discuss some of the questions on this site, and to problem-solve with one another would be a precious opportunity that most church planters could readily embrace.
  • Church Planting Think Tanks. Upon request, we would be happy to consider your invitation to hold a Think Tank in your area (or to include you in one elsewhere). This would not be a traditional conference with expert speakers (though there is a place for that too). Rather, we are proposing a two- or three- day “Think Tank” in which we would provide one or more experienced church planters to lead a guided discussion of what might work in the church planting ministry of all participants.